Technology Use

Leaders Preparatory School

Acceptable Use Of Technology Policy

At Leaders Preparatory School, our students have access to many valuable instructional technology tools as well as Internet access in our classrooms. Our goal is to teach students to utilize these resources to enhance their education.

Leaders Preparatory School has taken precautions, such as putting internet blocking software, filters, and firewalls, to ensure that students are using the Internet and other electronic resources for appropriate educational means. Student use of the Internet and multimedia resources will be supervised by an adult at all times. However, we cannot guarantee that students will refrain from locating inappropriate sources. Please review the guidelines listed and sign the Detailed LPS Acceptable Use Policy below.

  1. Student use of instructional media must be in support of grade appropriate Elementary Instructional Technology Competencies.

  2. Students will use respect and show proper care and handling of all equipment.

  3. Students are expected to respect and not attempt to by-pass security in place on computers. Changing or attempting to change a computer’s settings is a violation of acceptable use of our equipment.

  4. Students will observe software copyright laws. No students will bring software from home to copy on school workstations, nor will students copy school software for personal use.

  5. When using the Internet, students’ actions will be closely supervised. They will be held responsible for information viewed, received, and sent.

  6. Students are expected to respect the work and ownership rights of students, staff, and people outside the building.