Choosing to attend Leaders Preparatory School means choosing a school based on academic and moral excellence, faith, leadership, and service to humanity. Our main goal is educating students to be productive and responsible members of their family, school, community, and society at large through the establishment of high academic standards; providing a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment; ensuring each child is being served by qualified and dedicated staff; instituting and maintaining a well-equipped facility; and offering high-quality instruction in the Holy Quran, Islamic studies, and the Arabic language.

The school creates positive academic environment with students actively involved. A typical week at LPS is thoughtfully planned to provide a balance of academics, including laboratory time; enrichment classes include physical education, computer education and art; weekly student assemblies; study halls; and nonacademic extracurricular activities including but not limited to various clubs such as math, Quran, Lego, knitting and reading, as well as sports including basketball, soccer and volleyball.

School Vision

The School’s vision is expressed in the following statement:

“Read in the name of your lord who created. He created the human from a clinging clot. Learn for your lord is the most bountiful. He is who taught with the pen. He taught the human what he did not know.”

Al-Quran 96:1-5

The mission focuses on: knowledge, faith and character. It aims at developing productive, well-rounded and good citizens by providing them with knowledge in language, math, science, social studies, art, technology, Islamic studies, literature, Quran, life skills, leadership skills, morals and values, critical thinking, problem solving and others. At LPS we ensure that we meet standards of education while maintaining a fun, interactive and safe learning  environment.

Excellence in Teaching

Teachers at LPS are highly qualified and dedicated to the school mission and vision. Our curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive Curriculum guides are written by the teachers under the school head supervision. The school head has extensive years of experience in the field of education with Ed.D degree in curriculum and Instruction. Our staff is constantly seeking professional development opportunities to enhance their knowledge and keep up to date with current trends in education. Our teachers care about the whole child and making sure not only their academic needs are met, but also their emotional, physical, moral, spiritual and social needs as well. We implement our school mission and through Islamic teaching to meet the spiritual needs of our students. Teachers are using response to intervention to make sure students are receiving all the help they need. We accept students from many diverse backgrounds, some with limited or no English and some who are refugees, and we see growth and progression from them.

Early Childhood Program

For most children, pre-kindergarten is the first encounter within an organized classroom setting. It is our duty as educators to make the transition from home to school as stress-free as possible.

We believe learning and assessment is a continuous process for children at the early childhood level that is fostered by a child’s natural curiosity and the ability of the teacher to allow discovery through exploration of the child’s world. Therefore, the LPS Early childhood program (3-5 years old) is designed to provide opportunities for learning through active discovery and “hands-on” experience, gain knowledge through experimentation, and develop social skills and interact based upon Islamic values and principles. Islam and the knowledge and worship of Allah as creator are deeply integrated into all facets of instruction.

Elementary School

Lower classes Classrooms serve as model communities where topics are discussed, differences in ideas, thoughts and feelings are welcomed and people work in teams. Students learn first how to act effectively as members of the classroom community, with exposures extended as they proceed through Lower School to the broader school community and beyond. Teachers guide Lower School students as they build independence and responsibility while learning different disciplines.

The program for kindergarten-fifth grade is planned with a balance of play, discovery, manipulation, participation, and active and passive activities. The curriculum includes the following areas of development:

Middle and High School

At Middle School & High School level students study: English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, Health Social studies, Arabic language, Quran, Islamic studies, Arts, Physical Education. 

Leaders Preparatory Middle and High School science program provides an essential frame work in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science and Space and Technology. The school in pursuing Education for Global Leadership has integrated the 6th and 7th grade Science curriculum with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program through STEMscopes.

Our goal is to foster scientific literacy by teaching students through hands on activities, investigation, experiments and problem solving as Science itself is experimental by nature. Our students learn and understand Qur'ranic interpretations of many scientific phenomena.

Extra Curriculum

Leaders Preparatory School is committed to educating the whole child in mind, body, and spirit. Extracurricular activities are found at all levels of our school system. They include but are not limited to activities such as debate, school publications, student council, school clubs, contests, and various social events.