3rd Grade

Hi Parents and Students,

My name is Mrs. Heather Carberry and I am proud to say that this is my seventh year teaching third grade here at Leaders Preparatory Academy. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have always enjoyed working with young children and couldn't think of a better career path to take than to become a teacher! It has turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more. I enjoy coming to work every morning and seeing a classroom of smiling faces (even if they are sleepy smiling faces J).

In my classroom I have a strict classroom management policy but I also like to have fun. You can constantly catch me in our classroom laughing and just being silly with the students when the timing is appropriate. I think that it is good to laugh and have fun; it is the best way to learn. I can honestly say that the best classes I ever took in college were the ones where I felt I really knew and connected to my professor on a level other than academics. I strive to do this will my students as well. I love to take each subject and apply it to the student’s daily lives and I find when I make that connection the students are always very willing to share an experiences they may have had. On that same note, the student will probably often come home with stories about my experiences as well. Many parents last year told me they felt like they knew everything about me from just what the children come home talking about. I cannot expect the children to connect topics and ideas to their personal life if I am unwilling to do it as well. I want the students to be able to take what they learn and apply it to their daily lives.

Last year was a very full and fun year in my class and I am looking forward to having just as much fun this year with my new group of students. I can’t wait to start sharing my knowledge with them and get that in return. You never stop learning and I know the children have just as much to teach me as I have to teach them.


Mrs. Carberry




Homework this week




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Math: Almost every night Math homework will be given, with the exception of Friday and if they were tested that day. I know the homework may seem tedious but it should take your student no more than 10 minutes to do it and Math Mastery cannot be achieved without repetitive PRACTICE!

Science and Social Studies: I rarely give homework in these areas because these subjects require a lot of guidance and I really like to be there to help the children with the work. However, the children can bring home their textbooks whenever you like so that they can review the lesson at home if need be.

Spelling: Spelling homework will be due EVERY Friday, unless it is a short week and we will not be having a test. Your child will receive the words on Monday.

Language Arts: This homework varies as well and will be given if I feel the children need more help in grasping the concepts being taught.


Math: Tests are given every fifth lesson but some lessons may take more than one day depending on the pace of the students. You can keep track by looking at the number in the top corner of their homework assignments. For example their first tests will be after lesson 10 and then after lesson 15. I normally do not write math tests in the planners because they are so scheduled. On test days the students will also be tested on the number facts we are memorizing. They will not receive HW the night of a test.

Language Arts (Spelling, Grammar, Reading): Every Friday we will have a Reading and Spelling Test. We read our story on Tuesday and then we discuss it all week. Our Grammar coincides with our story and they will be tested on this on Friday as well. They will usually be bringing home their vocabulary words on Tuesday.

Science and Social Studies: These tests vary according to how many lessons are in the chapter. We do one lesson a day in either Social Studies or Science (never both at the same time). When the chapter is complete we do a review in class and then that night the children are asked to study at home. For example, if there are 3 lessons and we start on Monday then the review will be on Thursday and the test will be on Friday.

Writing: We take all week to do our writing and children will be graded on the whole writing process, which is; Prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. There will not be tests in writing.

Classroom Policies

Classroom Management Plan

I have built my classroom in the form of a community. I want each of the children to participate and help in our classroom community. We have a job chart in our classroom and each child will have a job to do when their name is on the chart. It is their responsibility to remember their job and perform it daily. I find that most children are usually very eager to do their jobs and help in our little community.

I have also set in place a way to keep our students striving for excellence. On the first day each student will be given a chart to keep in their pencil box. When I see them behaving well, getting good grades or just showing improvement I will give them a sticker to put on their apples. When they acquire 20 stickers they are given the opportunity to pick something from my treasure chest which contains small toys and supplies. We are always looking for more items to add to our treasure chest so if you are shopping and happen to come across some great deals on fun things that the children would like to get, feel free to bring them in and I will add them to our chest.

Homework Policy

Each night the student’s homework folder and planner should be checked by a parent. I usually assign some sort of homework every night Monday through Thursday. Occasionally I will assign homework on Friday but this is usually only if the students are having a test the following Monday and need to review the skills. I do not grade all homework but I do check it to see that it is done correctly and that the student is understanding and comprehending the new skills being taught. I will randomly collect certain assignments for a grade so please make sure to keep up with your child’s homework folder. I also keep track of homework turned in and it will be a percentage of their final grade. The reason I do not grade all homework is because I want the student to take this time to get additional help from their parent/guardian and to have them review it for mistakes so they can correct it prior to coming into class.

Each day we will write the homework in our planners and I ask that you check and sign them daily. The signature lets me know that you are aware of what is going on in our room and what is expected to be turned in the next day. The planner is also my way of communicating with you should I need to.

Grading Policy

In Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing and Reading I take an overall average of all grades that have been recorded. Students will be graded in many different formats such as test, quizzes, class work, projects, etc. Grades from these various assignments will then be averaged together to get their final grades for these subjects.

Graded work will usually go home on Wednesdays. You will be required to go through the packet of graded work with you students, discuss their grades and sign and return all tests, quizzes and anything else marked with a sign and return stamp. It is very important that you child understands their mistakes so they do not make them again in the future. Please do not send back the whole packet of work, only the papers marked.

Honor Roll Policy

For your student to receive A Honor roll the student must have maintained an overall grade of an A in each subject for the first three quarters and half of the fourth. Please see the honor roll policy that was sent home.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or need to contact me or set up a conference you can call the front office at (407) 382-9900 and leave a message and I will return your call. You can also email me at h.carberry@leaderspreparatoryschool.org