1st grade

Students will start learning Surat Al-A’laa #87 سورة الأعل

Homework schedule: Surat Al-A’laa # 87 سورة الأعلى

First Grade Quran class

First grade students will have 2 Quran classes a week (Monday and Friday), 50 minutes each class. Students will learn during each class 2 to 3 Ayat depends on the length of the ayah.

Recitation and Tajweed rules are my main concern during Quran recitation time. Some Quran activities and slight Tafseer will be included as well.

Year Plan: Insha’Allah, First graders will learn during this school year the following Surah:

Surat Al-A’laa# 87 سورة الأعلى Surat Al-Ghashiah # 88 سورة الغاشية

Surat Al- Fajer # 89 سورة الفجر Surat Al-Balad # 90 سورة البلد

Surat Al-Shams #91 سورة الشمس Surat Al-Lail # 92 سورة الليل

Students’ homework is to memorize the new Ayat as the following schedule. Writing the Ayat will be done during the Quran period, and student must continue the assigned Ayat at home incase he/she did not finish them at school.

Grading system will be divided between the memorizing, writing and the test.

Note: Quran folder, includes the Quran book and the students’ Quran notebook, should always be sent to school, never leave it at home.