Islamic Studies

Mrs Nawal's Islamic Studies Class

Elementary School

Teacher: Nawal Seyam

Subject: Islamic Studies

Assalamu Allikuom

Welcome back parents and students! Inshaa Allah we will have a wonderful and successful year.

Islamic Studies subject is a learning that Islam is the way of life, knowledge, practice, say what do you have in your intention, do what says, should be the same: intention, say, do. This is our faith.

We will be implementing classroom policy hanging in each classroom

Masjid policy are for Allah sakes: respect, worship with humble.

Behavior in the Masjid will be a part of the students’ Islamic studies grade. 15% of total grade.

Homework Inshaa Allah will be 2 times a week. It will be a chapter review (answer Questions, think critically, Activities, memorizing Dua’a, memorizing Hadeeth in Arabic and meaning in English, projects)35% of total grade.

Quizzes 15%

Classwork 15%

Class participation 10%

Behaviors 10%

I will have Engrade system for students and parents to check your child grade.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by

Or text phone 407-617-2114

Looking forward to meet you parents and students on Friday 15, 2014

At 9: 00am

Mrs Manar's Islamic Studies Class

Middle and High School