Mr. Shakur’s 2nd Grade Class

Educating the leaders of tomorrow, today.


School Supplies

Due to the increase in class size I have decided to condense the requirements for our class. Any extra supplies that you might have previously purchased can be kept at home and brought to class if your child runs out of the materials presently used in class. Here is an updated list of materials:

*1 binder 1 pack of crayons
*10 folders (with 3 holes to fit into the binder) 1 tissue box
4 journals 2 packs of #2 pencils
1 pack of loose leaf paper 1 pencil box
2 glue sticks 1 scissor
2 hand sanitizers 3 erasers
1 dictionary 1 public library card***

Please make sure that each item has the name of the student written on it

*** A public library card will be needed to complete the weekly book report assignment given on Fridays.

*Homework Folder

Our class will be using a homework folder this year. The binder will consist of 7 folders. 5 will represent each day of the week, while the other two will be used for the signing and returning of documents pertaining to parents and a keep folder for graded work that your child may keep at home and review.


Homework will be given on most nights. Late homework will not be accepted without a valid excuse written and signed by parents. A Weekly Plan will be sent home at the beginning of the week with details of assignments. 

Monday No HW
Tuesday Vocabulary Assignment (sentences and/or definitions)
Wednesday Science or Social Studies assignment
Thursday Math Assignment
Friday Book Report, Study for Spelling and Math exams.


-Spelling and Math Exams will now be given on Mondays. 
-Science and Social Studies exams will be given once a month on every other Thursday


2ND Grade Grading Scale : (Subject to Teacher Discretion)

Reading:        40% Test and quizzes


                20% CLASS PARTICIPATION


Spelling:       60% Tests

                40% Homework



                    20% HOMEWORK

                    20% CLASS PARTICIPATION


SCIENCE:            60% TESTS

                    20% HOMEWORK

                    20% CLASS PARTICIPATION



Snacks and Lunches

Please do not send foods that need to be microwaved. We will not have a microwave in our classroom. One suggestion is sending sandwiches, fruits and/or disposable snacks

Please do not send foods that may leak, especially Noodle Soup Cups

Asalamu Alaikum Parents,

It is my honor to be able to work with you and your children during the upcoming semester of Second Grade. The road ahead is filled with excitement and challenges for us all. We have a very educational and exciting year in store for us!

My name is Abdool Shakur. My educational background includes four years attendance of the State University of Stony Brook, where I achieved a Bachelors Degree in the Multidisciplinary arts of Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy. I am also a graduate of the Education Preparatory Institute held at Lake Sumter Community College.

This is my seventh year of teaching at Leaders Preparatory School. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be your child’s teacher. I feel that the growth and development of your child will thrive in the safe learning environment of my classroom. What will also aid the success of your child is your help and cooperation from home. Some examples of how you may really help the educational process is by making sure that all homework assignments are completed and turned in on time. I give homework four nights a week, which serves as vital support and review for topics learned during class time. Reviewing Spelling words, Summary packs and Math class work also serves as an important means of helping your child.

A summary of all assignments and exam dates for the week will be sent home on a Weekly Plan sheet at the start of each week.

I look forward to working with you and sharing in the educational, emotional, social and Islamic growth and development of your child!!

Br. Abdool Shakur


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Course Contents

During this school term, some of the areas of learning will be as follows:

MATH:-Word problems, Patterns, Geometry, Addition and Subtraction with regrouping, Division, Multiplication, etc.

READING:-Spelling and Writing Patterns, Grammar rules, as well as neat and orderly Handwriting. Phonics, Blending sounds, parts of sentences, etc.

SCIENCE:-Living and Non-Living things, Life science, Atmosphere,etc.

SOCIAL STUDIES:- Government, History, Citizenship, Communities, Jobs, etc.