Honors Biology


Honors Biology

Differentiated Lesson Plan

Subject: Biology                                Grade: 9-12



Unit 7

Chapter 22:  Plant Diversity
Chapter 23:  Roots, Stems, and Leaves
Chapter 24:  Reproduction of Seed Plants
Chapter 25:  Plant Responses and Adaptations

Time Frame: Mar 26, - Apr 6 , 2018


The student will

Ø  Compare and contrast characteristics of algae and plants

Ø  Identify the plant kingdom divisions

Ø  Identify the structure and characteristics of non vascular plants, vascular  seed plants and flowering plants

Ø  Compare and contrast different groups of non vascular plants

Ø  Identify and evaluate the structural adaptations of plants to their land environment

Ø  Describe alternation of generation in land plants

Ø  Analyze the advantage of seed and fruit production

Ø  Identify the major type of plant hormones and the different type of plant responses

Ø  Identify the major type of plant cells and distinguish among functions of different type of plant tissues

Ø  Describe and compare the structure and function of root stem and leaf

Ø  Survey and identify methods of reproduction, growth and life cycle of mosses, ferns, conifers and flowering plants

Ø  Identify the organs of a flower and observe how  photoperiodism influences flowering


Ø  Vocabulary words for unit

Ø  Read Unit 7 chap 22-25 when assigned

Ø  Concept map: Non seed vascular plants

Ø  Students prepare a flow chart diagram that depicts alternation of generation.

Ø  Students model nonvascular plants: a three dimensional presentation of  hepaticophytes, anthocerophytes, and bryophytes with description of the characteristic features of each of their models.

Ø  Minilab: p 589 comparing monocots and dicot

Ø  Students collect leaves and seed and create a table and compare the distinguishing Characteristics of Monocots and Dicots

Ø  Research about the advantages of seed production

Ø  Xylem cells: students see wet mount of wood shavings from pencil sharpener Students collect pictures or drawing that show different plant responses glue them on the construction paper and write captions for each one.



Ø  Home Work: Related Worksheets



Ø  Assessments 

Ø  Paper pencil assessment/Study.com assessment