Honors Biology


Honors Biology

Differentiated Lesson Plan

Grade: 9-12

Unit 1: The Nature of life                               Time FrameAug 13- Sep 10, 2018

UNIT 1:  The Nature of Life 
Chapter 1:  The Science of Biology
Chapter 2:  The Chemistry of Life


Ø  Safety in Science.

Ø  What is the Nature of Science? And how scientists work.

Ø  System of measurements

Ø  Relates to the particle structure of an atom to the identity of elements

Ø  Compares the role of biomolecules in organisms

Ø  Understands why water is important to life

The student is expected to:

Ø  Explain why it is important to work safely in biology

Ø  Explain the goal of Science and how scientists test hypothesis and develop a scientific theory

Ø  Describe the characteristics of living things and how life is studied at different levels.

Ø  Analyze the working of light and electron microscopes

Ø  Define acids and bases and relate their importance to biological systems

Ø  Relate water’s unique features to polarity

Ø  Distinguish mixtures and solutions

Ø  Identify the 3 subatomic particles and describe the formation of covalent bonds and ionic bonds

Ø  Explain how the process of diffusion occurs and why it is important to cells

Ø  Classify a variety of organic compounds

Ø  Describe how polymers are formed and broken down in organisms

Ø  Compare the chemical structures of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids, and relate their importance to living things.



Ø  Read Unit 1 chap 1 & 2 when assigned.

Ø  Exploration: using a compound microscope

Ø  Students conduct a research on elements that make up the human body

Ø  Visuals: Van der Waals forces and gecko’s grip

Ø  Minilab: students will determine the pH of common foods.p42

Ø  Activity: Diffusion and osmosis with sandwich bags, starch, glucose and sucrose.

Ø  Make foldable to compare the structures and functions of four types of  biomolecules  45-48

Ø  Lab: Students will investigate the effect of temp on enzymes function and activity.


Ø  Students research why is it imp to have an adequate amount of protein for a healthy diet?

Ø  Students construct a table to compare and contrast mixtures and compounds


Chap 1 Assessment Aug 31

Chap 2 Assessment Sep 10

 Paper pencil assessment/Study.com assessment