Honors Biology


Honors Biology

 Differentiated Lesson Plan

Subject: Biology                               

UNIT 6:  Microorganisms and Fungi 
Chapter 19:  Bacteria and Viruses
Chapter 20:  Protists
Chapter 21:  Fungi

Time Frame: Dec 12, 2016- Jan 23, 2017


The student will

Ø  Identify the structure and characteristics of Viruses, bacteria, protista and fungi

Ø  Research and report on the anatomy, type and ailment of the diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

Ø  Explain how a virus and a bacteria reproduce

Ø  Compare the types of prokaryote

Ø  Explain the adaptations of bacteria with focus on diversity of metabolism and survival mechanism

Ø  Compare and contrast the four groups of protozoan

Ø  Discuss the economic importance of the downy mildews and water molds

Ø  Explain the process of alteration of generation in algae

Ø  Identify the role of fungi as decomposers and how this role affects the flow of both energy and nutrients through the food chain

Ø  Distinguish among the ways the spores are produced in zygomycotes, ascomycotes, and basidomycotes


Ø  Word wall: vocabulary words for unit

Ø  Read Unit 6 chap19, 20 &21 when assigned

Ø  Research: students list the vaccines they are exposed to and list the disease that the vaccine prevents.

Ø  PowerPoint on Viral infections, Bacterial infections,

Ø  Cross word puzzle-Go Viral

Ø  Field trip: students visit obligate anaerobic bacteria used in a sewage treatment plant (online)

Ø  Outline the characteristics of archae and Eu bacteria

Ø  Research on why bacteria are called gram positive and gram negative and provide atleast 3 example of each.

Ø  Laboratory: students observe euglenoids diatoms and dinoflagellates

Ø  Inquiry: describe cilia, flagella, and pseudopodia of protozoan by using analogies from everyday life.

Ø  Draw and explain the alternation of generation cycle in algae

Ø  Evolutionary chart of Protista

Ø  Students cultivate Fungi and observe different types of lichens

Ø  Section assessments

Ø  Related Worksheets



Ø  Students create foldable of virus, Archaebacteria and Eubacteria

Ø  Many new products are on the market that advertises that they help reduce the bacteria around the house and workplace.  Explain the ‘value’ of some of these products.  Be sure to site your reference.

Ø  Students draw and explain the lysogenic and lytic cycles



Ø  Paper pencil assessment on Chap 19&20  Mon Jan 16

Ø  Chap 21 Mon Jan 23


Students write and provide a report on any one type of disease caused by bacteria or virus

Worksheets: due Thursday