Surat Al-Nabaa # 78

Third  Grade Quran class: students will start learning Surat Al-Naba # 78

Third grade students will have 2 Quran classes a week (Monday and Friday), 50 minutes each class. Students will learn during each class 2 to 5 Ayat depending on the length of the ayah. Recitation and applying Tajweed rules are my main concern during Quran recitation time. Some Quran activities and slight Tafseer will be included as well.

Year Plan: Insha’Allah, Third graders will learn during this school year the following Surah:

Surat Al-Naba #78                                            Surat Al-Naziat #79

Surat Abasa #80                                               Surat Al-Takweer #81

Review Juzz Amma.

Students’ homework is to memorize the Ayat of the day (see the following schedule).

Students will write the Ayat during class time as a class work, otherwise they will finish at home.

Grading system will be divided between the memorizing 30%, writing 10% and the test 60%.

Homework schedule:  Surat Al-Naba #78

Date of H.W.

Memorize and write in

the Quran notebook

Parent’s note

Teacher’s note

Monday Aug 21

Ayah 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7



Friday Aug 25

Ayah 8, 9, 10, 11



Monday Aug 28

Ayah 12,13,14 , 15



Friday Sep 1




Monday Sep 4

Labor day



Friday Sep 8,11,15

Hurricane Irma



Monday Sep 18

Ayah 16,17,18,19



Friday Sep 22

Ayah 20,21,22,23



Monday Sep 25

Ayah 24,25,26



Friday Sep 29

Ayah 27,28,29,30



Monday Oct 2

Ayah 31,32,33,34,35



Friday Oct 6

Ayah 36,37,38



Monday Oct 9

Ayah 39,40



Friday Oct 13




Monday Oct 20




Note: Quran folder, includes Holy Quran and notebook, should always be sent to school, never leave it at home.  If you have any concern, please feel free to contact me, write me a note or send me an email at:

Mrs. Nehal  Elmasri

Quran Teacher