Hurricane Relief For Haiti

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RALLY IN TALLY for #DropTheSuit

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Grand Opening of the Portables !!!!

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Alhumdolillah the Portables are ready to be used. The final inspection was completed over the spring breaks and we have been given the all clear to move in.

Inshallah we currently plan to have one portable dedicated to our high school students where they can diligently pursue their studies in an environment defined by them.

The second portable will be used for art classes and for our upcoming classes for children with special needs.

We still need to furnish the portables with appropriate furniture and technology for them to be utilized effectively. For this we appreciate any help you can provide. Please inquire in the school office to make tangible or monetary donations. The success for our school and our students is dependent first on the support from Allah and then from our parents and our community.

Jazakallah Khairan.

Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA)

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We are excited to tell you that University of Central Florida (UCF) chose Leaders Preparatory School to send 11 TEA Fellows from Pakistan for their field experience.

TEA is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State and administered by IREX, an international no-profit organization. The Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) brings secondary school teachers from around the globe to the United States to observe and develop expertise in their subject areas, enhance their teaching skills, and increase their knowledge about the United States.

Our visiting TEA fellows are from a variety of different regions of Pakistan, including many that are rural and under-served. They have come from Azad Kashmir, Balchistan,Khyber Paktunkhwa (KPK),Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab,and Sindh . The TEA program is being hosted by University of Central Florida and we at Leaders Preparatory School are opening our school for the TEA Fellows to do their field experience. 

They will be here from March 30th 2015 to April 8th, 2015. Please do stop by in the morning drop-off time or at dismissal time to meet with our visitors and welcome them to our community.

LPS Parent Academy Night

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Our Parent Academy Night was hosted by Dr. Lauren Barlis and Meredith McKay from Step Up For Students. Our own wonderful teachers gave beneficial presentations and had the opportunity to work directly with parents to share information about what their child needs to know in terms of reading and math skills. Lauren and Meredith provided an interactive tutorial for parents to use Khan Academy with their children. Parent involvement in their child's education is key to their child's success. And for this we thank those parents that came out to make this evening a productive one.

Parent's Academy Night

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LPS Iqra/International Day

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LPS Science Fair

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Special thanks to our judges who volunteered their time to talk to our students and evaluate their projects. 

LPS Hour of Code

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Muslim Spelling Bee

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Wonderful volunteers to help with registration

Opening inspirational words from the Quran

Awesome judges

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Group B Participants

Group C Participants

Group D Participants and Winners

Group A Winners

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Group C Winners

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