This is the Math homework for Grade 6. Vocab Quiz on these words tomorrow.

Algebra: Variables and Expressions

1.       Algebra: is a language of symbols, including variables

2.       Variable: It is a symbol, usually a letter used to represent a number

3.       Algebraic Expressions: these are combinations of variables, numbers, and at least one operation

4.       Evaluate: Find the value of, the algebraic expression

Grade 5: Please bring in Friday Folders for tomorrow.

  • Progress reports will be sent home tomorrow.
  • Science Test tomorrow on   Chapter 1
  • Read Tuck Everlasting Chapter 3 and look for the similes and metaphors to discuss in class.
  • Reading Group Test tomorrow for Ms. Marburg
  • Science Fair is continuous
  • Math HW. Page 58-59 Numbers 1-30 Due tomorrow

The Friday Folders are for you to review your child's work, initial it, and return it on the left side of the folder. Everything else stays at home.