Welcome to Ms. Hassanali's 
5th Grade Class
2015 - 2016

Assalaamu Alaikum 

It has been quite a hectic past three weeks! Finally we have seemed to be settled into a routine and most kids are now aware of what is expected of them.  My fifth grade class, which consists of 11 boys and 5 girls, has been separated as per school policy. I am excited to be their home room teacher as well as their Math, Science, Literature, Writing and Social Studies teacher.  I also teach Grade 6 Math.

I have been teaching intermittently for the past 20 years, 14 of which have been full time in international schools.  I am certified in the Primary Years Program for the International Baccalaureate using the philosophy of guided learning.  I am also an Adjunct Professor at Valencia College in the IT department.

Your child’s success is important to me as well as yours I am sure. Together we can make this a memorable year for your kids. I will be sending a newsletter every two weeks to give you an update on what we are doing in the classroom. 

As parents, I know a major concern for you is your child’s grades and how they are being graded. I would like to give you a general overview of my grading policy.

Math: Tests- 40%, Quizzes- 30%, Homework/Classwork- 20%, Participation- 10%
Science: Tests- 40%, Homework/Classwork- 25%, Projects/Experiments- 25%, Participation- 10%
Social Studies: Tests- 40%, Homework/Classwork- 25%, Projects- 25%, Participation- 10%
Reading: Tests- 40%, Book Reports- 30%, Homework 30%,   (taught by Ms. Marburg)
Writing: Overall average of all grades
Spelling: Tests- 60%, Homework- 40% (taught by Ms. Marburg)

In order to decrease the amount of work turned in late and to teach students the responsibility of turning in work on time, I will deduct points on assignments turned in late. Students who are absent are required to make up missed work. Of course, if a student is absent, they will be given time to make up the assignments from when they are gone if the absence has been deemed excused by administration. Unexcused absences will be handled by administration. It is always best to let me know if your child is going to be absent that way I can prepare materials before hand. Math homework is always due the next day and will not be accepted late or incomplete.

To keep you informed on how your child is doing, each student will have a Friday Folder. Every Friday, this folder will be sent home with all the graded assignments completed during that week. Included in the folder will be a log for you to sign so I know that you have seen it. There will also be a section where you can write comments back to me if you have a concern you would like to address. Students will be expected to return this folder on Monday signed with the graded papers which will then be put into a binder in class.

In regards to my homework policy, I believe homework is very important as it teaches responsibility and gives students extra practice on things learned in class. I assign science, social studies, writing and math homework Monday through Thursday every week.  From time to time students will also be assigned projects to be completed at home. I encourage you to check your child’s homework every night and help him/her with any areas that prove to be challenging. I also require that you sign your child’s planner each night.

Please feel free to contact me via email s.hassanali@leaderspreparatoryschool.org or through your child’s planner for any clarification you may need. I look forward to a productive year ahead with your support as we work together for your child’s success!


Ms. Sally Hassanali


                                      CLASSROOM RULES

Rules Consequences  Rewards
1. We choose to listen and follow directions    
    the first time
  •  Superstar weekly recogntion
2. We choose to keep our hands, feet, objects,
    and unkind words to ourselves.
 Loss of privilege
  •  Mystery Box Rewards
3. We choose to raise our hands, unless told
    otherwise by the teacher.
 Call/note home to parent
  •  Academic Awards
4. We choose to have our homework
    completed and our planner signed every
 Principal’s office (referral). In a severe case,
such as starting a fight, using fowl language, bringing a weapon to school, etc., students
will be sent immediately to the principal’s office.
  •  Homework Passes/ Star Stickers 

Honor Roll Policy

For your student to receive A Honor roll the student must have maintained an overall grade of an A in each subject for the first three quarters and half of the fourth. Please see the honor roll policy that was sent home.