Grades K1 – 5


Grades 6-12



New Student Registration Fee

$350.00 per student

Renewal Registration Fee

$250.00 per student

Application Fee

$25.00 per student

Book usage Fee

$250.00 per student

Technology Fee

$250.00 per student

Facilities Maintenance Fee

$250.00 per student

Security Fee

$250.00 per student

FACTS Tuition Processing Fee

$45.00 per family

Tuition Options

Option A

Pay entire tuition by Aug. 13, 2018.

Option B

Pay in 12 monthly installments 

(June 2018-May 2019).
Grades K-5=$908.33
Grades 6-12=$933.33

Option C

Pay in 10 monthly installments 

(August 2018-May 2019).
Grades K-5=$1,090.00
Grades 6-12=$1,120.00


Step Up For Students Scholarship

In 2001, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (income-based scholarship) to assure that low-income children have learning options. Under the law, the scholarships are based on financial need, not how well your child does in school.
SUFS income based scholarship
Step Up For Students is a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship agency that works to empower parents who are limited by financial circumstances to choose the school best suited for their child. They do this by awarding scholarships to students from low-income families throughout the state of Florida who apply. Please visit the Step Up For Students website or contact the LPS office for additional information.